Want To Walk For Exercise & Health, But Can't?








            - SitWalking eliminates the causes of breathlessness when walking

            - SitWalking eliminates pain often experienced when walking

Walking is often recommended as an exercise. Yet there are many reasons why one does not walk or move about enough.

- Knees or hips hurt (Arthritis)

- legs hurt (Neuropathy?; Peripheral Artery Disease)

- Excess weight is a disincentive (Lymphedema; Lipedema)

- Sore tendons (Achilles tendonitis)

- Sore feet (Plantar Fasciitis)

- Swollen ankles (Edema)

- Fear of falling

- Shuffling walking style

- Compression stockings uncomfortable

- What's your reason?   


When walking is difficult or painful, our SitWalking Exercise can provide most of the benefits of walking, without discomfort, while sitting.

> To obtain the benefits of the SitWalking Exercise an individual needs to have at least one functional foot-ankle-lower leg combination. Functional is defined as the ability to move the foot in a toes up then toes down motion at the ankle using the lower leg muscles to power the movement of the foot. Unlike most exercise equipment designed for use while sitting, the I Opt device is non tiring because it has almost zero resistance. The feet can be flexed at the ankle for 1000 repetitions in just 10 minutes by most individuals.

The results are:

> the feet move through similar range of toes up and toes down motion as when walking

> the calf muscles flex as if walking

> the circulation rate increases up to 9 times the usual at rest rate in the legs

> many uncomfortable symptoms in the legs are relieved or reduced

> often balance is improved

> often walking gait is improved from shuffling to more normal

> caregivers are needed less often to assist when balance and gait improve

> wheelchair bound individuals remain in their wheelchair so no transfer risks to individual or caregiver


> Individualized Exercise Programs designed based on your or your loved one's health profile

> Flexible self scheduled appointments



Aching Legs

"Thank you for the use of the I Opt Exercise System. It is a wonderful activity! I had been having trouble sleeping because my legs would ache as soon as I went to bed. I tried getting up several times a night and stretching, but nothing seemed to work. After the first session I used the system, I slept all night !! I did not get up once. In the morning I was amazed that a few minutes with the I Opt device made such a difference. To further reinforce the success of using the system, because of a busy schedule I did not use it for several schedule sessions, and slowly the aching started to come back. When I realized my legs were starting to ache, I made sure I made time to use the system, and again after one session the aching stopped. Thank you for this wonderful activity that has made my sleep more restful".

Charcot Marie Tooth Disease, Nocturnal Leg Cramping & Edema

"Due to Charcot Marie Tooth Disease (demyelinating), I have neuropathy with loss of sensation, coordination and muscle strength in both feet and legs. I also have Nocturnal Leg Cramping. Since engaging the I Opt Exercise System, I’ve noticed three major improvements.

First, the system works muscles that are not engaged through my regular activities and walking, which increases sensation in my calves and feet. While nothing will stop or cure the progression of nerve and muscle damage, I feel that I am better maintaining what I have left and perhaps slowing down the process.

Second, I’ve noticed a reduction in edema (swelling) in my ankles. Before engaging the I Opt Exercise System, my ankles would be very swollen by the end of a work day. The swelling is now half what it used to be.

Finally, I’ve seen a marked decrease in Nocturnal Leg Cramping symptoms from 3 to 4 nights per week down to about one night a week. I had been managing these symptoms with medication, which I’d prefer not to take, so I am very pleased that I need it less often. I had just about given up on finding any kind of exercise I could do that would help my legs and feet without causing extreme fatigue — the I Opt Exercise System has been a terrific solution for me. Thanks so much for creating this system!


Mom engaged the I Opt Exercise System following a stroke about four years ago and has severe aphasia, mild Tourette’s Syndrome and diminished use of her right arm and leg as a result. It is such a shame, she was very outgoing and had beautiful hand-writing, but the aphasia has made her self-conscious and she is ashamed of her hand-writing now. Mom started engaging the I Opt Exercise System with a skeptical attitude but after the first day’s session she noticed more feeling in her right leg. After the second session she was able to move each toe on her right foot (I was not aware that she could not do this before, but she’s not a complainer). Then she skipped a month of sessions. She said her foot had reverted back to pre-system engagement status and she could not wiggle her toes. She began engaging the I Opt Exercise System again and on the first day she was wiggling her toes again!! Now she is engaging the I Opt Exercise System in daily sessions. I just wanted to let you know how amazed we both are. If nothing else, it seems to have given hope to her that she’s not at the total mercy of the stroke effects.

Venous Bypass Surgery

Two weeks after having (venous) by-pass surgery on my right leg the swelling was severe. I had a I Opt Exercise System session first day. The next morning it was amazing how the swelling was subsiding. It is now six weeks later and engaging the system has given me much relief. I’m walking twice a day now without cramping, burning or pain – thanks to the I Opt Exercise System.

Intermittent Claudication (Leg Pain when Walking) & Heart Bypass Surgery

I am a 56 year old Physical Therapy Assistant. When I was 47 years old, I was diagnosed as with intermittent claudication in my legs, which caused my legs to cramp if I walked too rapidly or increased my speed too much. I then went to a cardiologist, who surgically implanted a stint in my heart. My cramping continued, and 5 years later I had quadruple bypass surgery. After the surgery, I was encouraged to walk, but still experienced leg cramping after 1/2 mile, requiring that I stop to rest for a bit. I started sessions with your I Opt Exercise System in 2005. I soon noticed that I could walk more than a mile without my legs cramping. If I became lazy and did not attend I Opt Exercise sessons I began to feel signs of cramps coming along at the 1/2 mile range. I know that this was lazy, because it takes so little effort when using this system. Of additional interest is the result of my most recent annual stress test. Every year I was able to go around 6 minutes before leg cramping required that I stop the test. Taking this year’s test, I was able to continue for 12 minutes without cramping. You were correct; this system is so easy to use, yet so effective. I wish you well in getting this system to the public.”
Norman B.