In 2004 Richard discovered a novel physical therapy methodolgy based on using the body's primary musculoskeleton pump often referred to as the body's 2nd heart. The SM    Therapy System was developed during 14 years of patient care in physical therapy clinics and home health programs. What makes the system unique is an easy and painless activity increasing the healing benefits of the musculoskeletal pump in combination with traditional physical therapy best practice methods. Usually patients attain the desired outcome more quickly with fewer visits when compared to physical therapy without using the system. And results are possible over a wider range of diseases, conditions and symptoms compared to commonly accepted best practices in physical therapy not including the system. The benefits of this system are avilable exclusively here at Innovations of Physical Therapy. 


During development of the SM     (pronounced "smart", an acronym for Simple Motion and Repeating Technique) Therapy System, Richard combined the method he discovered and patented with other physical therapy methods and a system was born. The combination of the SM     Therapy System with other physical therapy methods is determined by the patient's medical diagnosis. Activity protocols are specific to each disease, condition or symptom set the person has. The activity protocols are based on using the easiest and least strenuous physical therapy techniques combined with the patented methodology to decrease stress and pain during physical therapy activities. 

Richard graduated from Northeastern University’s Boston Bouve’College, Boston, Massachusetts in 1973. Following graduation he commenced practicing physical therapy in North Carolina. His experience includes Physical Therapy Department Head at Cape Fear Memorial Hospital, extensive experience delivering physical therapy in the home health field and in the outpatient clinical setting.

Richard enjoys bicycling, disc golf, basketball, and reading as leisure activities and uses his patented methodology several times daily.