What are your thoughts about putting an "ask the therapist" accommodation on the website. The questions would go to you via a "masked" email account, say SMRT Expert@iopt.biz. This type of account is available with our google account at no additional charge. It would be a sub email account to your email account. When responding it would show the SMRT Expert@iopt.biz email address rather than yours so you would be anonymous until someone made an appointment and met you in the clinic. Even then they would not necessarily receive your r.hand@iopt.biz email address.


it would be a commitment of additional time to respond. This may be an opportunity to develop a set of "canned" responses that could be used over and over again using copy & paste to save time. They would be disease/symptom/condition/diagnosis specific. The time commitment would be one time for each individual or set of disease/symptom/condition/diagnosis; obviously somewhat general and with a call to action to make an appointment. Many responses would likely be developed while we are in less busy start up mode.